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Family offer

Families who decide to spend their vacation in the Marbera Resort will not have to worry about appropriate activities for their children. Entertainment facilities will be available for all age groups, which will enable children to have a unique and creative holiday to remember.

The most popular activities this summer for kids come in the form of activities that will encourage them to interact, develop communicative skills with their peers and learn some fun along the way!

Campi kids club

 It is part of the Beli Kamik hotel, and it offers a professional and creative team of animators whose main task is to have fun with your little ones. Whether it's dancing, singing, planting, swimming or simply hanging out with kids, Campi kids club will fulfill all the wishes of the little ones and afford a dream vacation.

The mascot

Marbera Resort is proud of its mascot Campi – a cheerful bee that has been entertaining children for years during vacations. Campi received its name thanks to the Italian word campo, which means a small field.  Campi loves swimming and watermelons, and looks forward to planting plants and playing table tennis with the little ones.

Campi Aqua fun

Children always want good fun and memorable moments which they will remember for years. For the fulfilment of all their desires there is Cami Aqua Fun, a water complex located on three points. The central park with a swimming pool is located within the very camp and next to it will be the playground and café so the entire family can enjoy the activities. At the sea, next to the beach, is a smaller aqua park, and the third point is the beach itself where visitors will be offered a variety of fun activities in which the whole family can enjoy, such as yoga, renting pedal boats, jet-skis or beach chairs.

Animation and fun

This segment is not just reserved for children. Our animators have prepared contents suitable for all age groups, therefore, along with children's animation and games, there will also be activities available for adults. Whether it is dance lessons, learning a new language or mastering the basics of tennis, every family member can satisfy their own desires and bring back newly gained experiences and acquaintances from the holidays.

Activities Team programme

For all details about the program and the activities, please contact our friendly staff at the reception of Flora Villas Resora!! 

Marbera Family Package

Recommendation is definitely Marbera Family Package which includes the best of all services for your family! 




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