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Krk & Kvarner

Welcome to one of the sunniest parts of Europe with 2500 sunny hours a year, the island of Krk. Impressive in size of about 410 square kilometers, it carries the title of the largest island in Croatia.
Krk belongs to the Kvarner group of islands situated in the northern Adriatic between the Istrian peninsula in the west and the Croatian Adriatic Coast in the east. It is surrounded by the Vinodol Channel with the eastern, the Gulf of Rijeka from the northwest and the Kvarner from the southwest. Just because of its convenient geographical position and good natural conditions, it has always been considered an interesting tourist destination.

The beginnings of tourism on our largest island date back to the end of the nineteenth century when the first large groups of guests were coming to the island, primarily from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and domestic guests. Even before the First World War, the first hotels, boarding houses and baths were built, creating the technical conditions and the material base for further development of tourism.

Located in the middle of a moderate and mild Mediterranean climate, with its mild climate, clean sea, good insulation and rich vegetation, it is an ideal place for a quality vacation of all ages. Island of Krk stretches for 300km of walking and cycling routes, ideal for sports activities outside the Marbera Resort. From a health point of view it offers a magical healing mud located on the west side of the Klimno bay, where visitors return regularly for therapeutic effect.
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