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Villas Flora

The philosophy of this resort is based on the quality of vacation available to everyone. The most important component lies in accommodation facilities. Their quality and dedication to detail have always played the leading role in the visitor's satisfaction.
The Marbera Flora Green Villas represent an innovative approach to quality vacation, with a touch of luxury acceptable to everyone. The signature of these designer villas is carried by the architectural studio SKROZ, which in the best way linked the interior and exterior space, retaining the privacy of sleeping areas and creating an intimate relationship with the surrounding nature.

Marbera Resort is proud of the uniqueness of the concept that has been developed to achieve the highest quality of accommodation, coupled with natural elements that do not exist elsewhere.

The specialty of the villas is characterized by the design of functionally different contents of the houses - living space and sleeping space, which have completely opposite character. The private space is introverted, reserved for vacation and separation, with windows and facade openings that "framing" the immediate surroundings, bringing the forest atmosphere to the interior.

On the other hand, the public space of the facilities - living room, kitchen and dining - is also open to the outside, through a large number of glass surfaces, windows, spacious terraces and a wooden pergola covering the transitional open space.

The capacities of the villas are differed, which makes them an ideal solution for different groups of visitors. Couples will enjoy the most intimate Lilium villas, the family will find the ideal solution in the Salvia and Pinus villas, while for the larger groups and familys the villas Olea were created.




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